Artificial grass in Vacaville, CA is an excellent way to freshen up your yard and turn it into a low-maintenance paradise. If you think turf is only ideal for lawns, however, you’ll be surprised at how well it works as a decorating material. Go green with these smart decorating ideas around the home using synthetic turf!

Decorating Ideas Using Synthetic Turf

Vibrant, lush and green all over, synthetic grass can bring unexpected fun and style to your home. It can breathe new life into any space – from your living room, home office and kitchen to your bedroom, balcony and more. Make the most of this modern accent with the following ideas:

1. Glam up the room with a synthetic grass area rug.

The green shades of synthetic grass in Vacaville go well with most color schemes, especially earth and wood tones. As an area rug, it offers an ultra-soft surface to walk on that’s durable enough to support the weight of furniture.

2. Soften bedroom flooring with artificial grass.

Enhance the calming ambiance of your sleeping quarters by laying down cool turf as flooring. Unlike hard floors, artificial grass infuses a touch of brightness and warmth to the space.

3. Brighten up the terrace with turf.

Turn your terrace from afterthought to a mini garden getaway by carpeting it with artificial grass! The weather-resistant quality of synthetic turf is ideal for terraces, which are constantly exposed to the elements. Furnish it like you would any outdoor space. Add a few plants, bring out a small table and lounging chairs and relax in your personal sanctuary.

4. Use synthetic turf as wall accents.

Transform those bare walls into a statement piece by covering them with lush synthetic turf.

Play with different designs! Cut turf into fun shapes, install it in a specific pattern, or blanket the whole wall with green. Artificial grass in Vacaville, CA is also a great base for all sorts of décor, such as hanging lamps, picture frames, wall trinkets and other decorative elements.

5. Up the playroom fun with synthetic grass.

Artificial turf is soft and non-slip. It also cushions trips and falls, diminishing the risk for scrapes, bruises and other injuries during boisterous play. These make it one of the safest materials for children’s playrooms. Consider replacing the conventional carpet with turf in kids’ bedrooms or their recreation spaces. Make playtime feel like a day at the park with artificial grass!

6. Accentuate furniture with faux grass.

Don’t let those leftover turf swatches go to waste. Use them to turn furniture into statement pieces! For instance, utilize a strip of turf to change up your table or replace the upholstery of your seats.

Discover Amazing Applications for Synthetic Grass

Versatile, irresistible to the touch and requiring minimal effort, artificial grass is perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, Vacaville Artificial Grass is here to help. Call us now at 408-723-4954 for residential and commercial turf, pet-friendly spaces, athletic pitches and artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville!