Make your pool area the perfect relaxation spot for California’s warm climate by surrounding it with the premier artificial turf in Vacaville. Lush, green artificial grass serves as the perfect flooring option as it requires little to no maintenance and does not get slippery when wet. Read on and discover the many advantages of installing synthetic turf on your pool surround!

Why Artificial Turf is Suitable for Your Pool Deck

A great alternative to both concrete and natural grass surrounds, artificial turf boasts the aesthetic appeal of real grass without the usual upkeep associated with it. It is easier on the feet, requires less clean up and improves the appearance of the pool area.

Still on the fence about switching to artificial grass for your pool deck? Here are more reasons that will convince you to hire an installer of artificial grass near Vacaville, CA, and get your synthetic turf pool deck started!

  • It drains water faster than natural turf.

With artificial turf, you can eliminate all your worries about muddy pool surrounds. The proprietary drainage of artificial grass drains faster than any natural grass surface. This is because its state-of-the-art backing and infill effectively redirect the water into the soil layer underneath. This means that you can let your kids run around the area without worrying about a slippery spot on your pool patio.

  • It is soft to the touch.

Synthetic grass fibers are as soft as real grass, but they don’t break or chip off easily. This ensures that you don’t get grass stains when lazing by the pool.

Another good thing about artificial turf is it is easier on the feet compared to concrete and brick surfaces. During the summer heat, stepping out of the pool can be a torture to the feet. Fortunately, the soft texture of synthetic grass allows you to go barefoot to and from the pool comfortably.

  • It does not accumulate leaves and dirt.

Natural grass pool surrounds become the easy target of leaves and dirt. Unlike its natural counterpart, artificial turf doesn’t attract as much debris. If you want to remove leaves off the grass, you simply have to rake or sweep them using gentle strokes.

  • It eliminates the need for trimming.

Natural grass requires regular upkeep to preserve its pristine look. With the premier artificial turf in Vacaville, you eliminate the hassle of trimming, mulching and watering altogether. Your pool patio will look well-manicured and uniformly green all year long!

  • It increases your property’s value.

Should you decide to sell your house in the future, installing artificial grass on your pool deck will surely boost its marketability. Homebuyers are more drawn to properties with lush surfaces compared to concrete or shabby grass surrounds.

Surround Your Pool with Synthetic Green Grass NOW!

Make it summer all year long with an artificial grass installation by the pool! With its lush appearance and durable properties, artificial grass will add an aesthetic glow to your home without the hassles of maintenance.

Let Vacaville Artificial Grass give your pool that needed sparkle with a grass surface. Aside from stunning pool patios, we also install the highest quality artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville. Whatever grass landscape you require, we’ll be sure to do it for you on the first try! Call 408-723-4954 now to request a FREE quote!