Grass loves the rain, but homeowners? Not so much. Even the lightest drizzle can turn your green, beautiful yard into a muddy mess. A good day turns into dealing with dirty mud tracks all over the house. You can’t even use your yard because rain makes it slippery and dangerous to walk on! This issue makes some homeowners hesitate from installing artificial putting grass putting greens in Vacaville.

After all, if it looks and feels like real grass, it must behave like it, right?

Not at all! In fact, synthetic turf is the complete opposite of live grass in the rain. Its unique properties make it the perfect material for backyard putting greens, and here’s why.

Rain-Proof Qualities of Backyard Putting Greens

Nothing’s more frustrating than playing a round of golf, and it starts to rain. Instead of practicing your swings, you now have to sit it out until the rain subsides.

An artificial putting green not only gives you unlimited golf time, but it also protects your yard from the effects of downpours. See why turf is the best putting green material:

Turf Fibers Stay Intact Through the Heaviest Storms

Grass blades are very delicate. They tend to break under pressure, whether that’s foot traffic, outdoor furniture, and yes, heavy rain. That’s why you find so many broke glass blades on your patio and in the yard after it pours.

This is bad news for a putting green made of live grass. Not only does it make it a big mess, but it also affects the ball roll.

In contrast, artificial turf for Vacaville putting greens stays lush and upright through the most torrential storms. You never have to give rain a second thought again.

Artificial Grass Drains Quickly

How many times have you dealt with flooding and puddles every time it rains? Probably too many times for your liking.

This won’t happen with synthetic turf. The system comes with a proprietary backing layer design to drain gallons of water a minute. This means no puddles, no flooding and a putting green that dries fast once the sun starts to shine. No need to wait because your putting green is immediately game-ready!

Synthetic Turf is Made of Non-Slip Material

Walking on wet grass is dangerous because it gets very slippery. Hurry across your lawn when it rains, and you just might end up with a twisted ankle. Even if you keep your footing, you may trip and fall into mud-filled depressions.

The non-slip nature of synthetic grass in Vacaville makes it safe enough for you, your family and your pets to have fun under the rain! The surface offers great traction. Your feet won’t sink into the soft, muddy ground. Feel free to bring out your clubs and make the game more challenging by playing in the rain!

Bring Your Golf Game to the Next Level with Artificial Grass!

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