Transform your backyard into your private putting green with artificial turf in Vacaville! No longer only a luxury feature for estates and mansions, synthetic grass makes it possible for any golf lover to practice their short game in the comfort of their home.

Grass for Backyard Golf: Is Natural Grass a Good Choice?

Backyard putting greens offer an excellent way to play golf without having to drive miles to the nearest range. Once you’ve decided you want this element in your home, you’re faced with the biggest decision: artificial turf or natural grass?

Natural grass certainly looks amazing on golf courses, but it’s a different story when it’s in your property. Putting greens made of natural grass comes with these challenges:

  • Extensive maintenance – Golf courses have employees to keep the grass perfectly manicured and alive, but you’ll be the one maintaining real grass with a home putting green. Doing that takes a lot of hard work, money, and time, from watering to mowing, fertilizing, pulling out weeds, and more.
  • Vulnerable to divots – You have to be careful about the amount of power behind your swings when you’ve got real grass; a particularly strong stroke can damage the grass and create divots that not only disrupts your game, but makes your lawn unsightly and dangerous to walk on
  • Water issue – Water and rain are essential for natural grass, but they can also be a problem. They can create puddles that take too long to drain, creating mud and making your putting green a dirty mess not suitable for the game.
  • Not fit for pets – Dogs can seriously damage putting greens made of natural grass by digging holes, eliminating waste, and playing too enthusiastically over the surface.

Why Artificial Grass is the Better Choice for Backyard Golf

Given these disadvantages, artificial grass in Vacaville, CA offers a more effective alternative for golf enthusiasts. Take a look at why it works so well:

  • Great for backyards of all sizes – Whether your lawn can accommodate a multi-hole course or you only have square footage for a single hole, artificial grass installers can customize a backyard putting green that fits your needs exactly.
  • Durable – Swing as hard as you can! Artificial grass is incredibly tough, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much power into your strokes.
  • Easy maintenance – Focus on your game and never worry about puddles, mowing, cutting, pulling weeds, and all the other tasks that come with real grass.
  • Even surface – Synthetic turf gives you a consistent and even surface to play on without the risk of divots, clumps, or holes.
  • Attractive looks – Artificial grass putting green will always look great no matter the season or weather.
  • Play instantly – Once artificial grass professionals are done installing your synthetic grass in Vacaville, you can start practicing your putts ASAP. Unlike with natural grass, where you typically have to wait for the sod to settle in or the grass seeds to grow before you can start playing.

If you decide to install synthetic grass for your putting green, trust us at Vacaville Artificial Grass to get it done!

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