Got a small gardening space? Make every inch count without cluttering or compromising its look using top synthetic grass in Vacaville. Versatile, low-maintenance and fitted with an efficient drainage system, artificial turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass for small gardens.

Artificial Grass Ideas for Small Gardens

Whether your garden is limited to a small patch of land in your yard or confined in your balcony, synthetic greens will do wonders for its aesthetic and functionality. Use these smart ideas to spruce up your miniature oasis:

  • Choose your synthetic turf type carefully.

The grass you choose sets the visual tone of your entire garden. Go for trimmed turf for a clipped, pristine aesthetic. If you want to achieve a more organic look, however, pick one with long grass blades. Consider your garden’s purpose and conditions. Choose the grass type that best caters to what you have planned for your garden.

  • Put up barriers.

Set up fences and makeshift walls in your garden to increase vertical gardening space. Install sturdy pegs on them to hang baskets, pots and pouches of greeneries. They’re also the perfect structure for climbing plants. Accentuate your barriers with synthetic grass to further green up your oasis. Fill your space with flourishing flora without consuming valuable floor space!

  • Design “destinations.”

Add a functional space to your garden. You can create a small dining space by setting up chairs and a table or make a cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair and side table. Set the “destination” apart from the rest of your garden by carpeting it with synthetic turf. If you’re sharing the space with a canine or feline companion, use pet-friendly artificial grass in Vacaville.

  • Be consistent with your plant pots.

Use the same color of pots for your plants to make your garden look uniform and uncluttered. For a more visually appealing outcome, choose a shade that contrasts or complements your synthetic turf. Take thatches of your artificial grass with you when you go shopping for plant pots and stands.

  • Utilize columnar arrangements.

Columnar arrangements, such as tall evergreens and synthetic grass-covered columns, create an elongated illusion that draws your eyes upward. The high, vibrant arrangement moves eyes upward, making the small garden look larger. Take advantage of this optical strategy.

  • Green up walkways.

Instead of creating a paved walking space, use pathway stones surrounded by top synthetic grass in Vacaville. This makes for a stunning view that doesn’t feel compressed, perfect for small-sized gardens.

  • Incorporate raised garden beds into your garden.

Raised garden beds are ideal for small open spaces. Integrate them into your garden to make it look more spacious and conserve floor space. Complete the look by greening up a barrier or covering the floor with synthetic turf.

To maximize your space and ensure excellent installation, hire top synthetic turf installers and landscape designers in Vacaville. Let them know of the size and location of your small oasis. They’ll come up with a garden design that caters to your specific need and preferences.

Green Up Your Miniature Oasis!

For versatile and high-quality synthetic turf for your garden, count on Vacaville Artificial Grass. Our artificial grass has the following properties:

• Mimics the look and feel of natural grass

• Efficient infill for water drainage

• Non-toxic and non-allergenic

• Low maintenance

• Completely dirt-free

• Backed by 8-15 years warranty

Aside from artificial turf, we also offer reliable installation solutions. Our team has been installing pet-friendly synthetic turf and the highest quality artificial grass for putting greens in Vacaville for years.  Call us now at 408-723-4954 for a FREE quote on your project.