Whether you’re having a hard time selling your event venues or just want to give them a whole new look, you can’t go wrong with covering your facility with high-quality artificial turf in Vacaville. Unlike natural grass, it stays consistently lush and green throughout the year. It also brings these amazing advantages to any setting!

Why Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Event Venues 

Artificial grass offers benefits that its natural counterpart can never match. Here’s why more and more event venue owners are turning to synthetic turf for flooring:

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor event spaces.

Synthetic grass can cover various surfaces, including soil, concrete, tiles, vinyl and wood.  This characteristic means nothing is holding you back from turning your indoor venue spaces into a lush wonderland or replacing high-maintenance grass with flawless turf at a fraction of the work.

It doesn’t need toxic solutions to thrive.

Artificial grass in Vacaville does not need mowing, fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide to retain its natural looks. Most of these chemicals can harm anyone who inhales or comes in contact with them, so you’ll need to close your venue after their application. It doesn’t help that such solutions often take time to disperse.

After turf installation, your event venue is ready to go. You never have to halt your operations for chemical treatments, and it keeps your guests safe, too!

It is easy to maintain.

The best pet artificial grass in Vacaville stays lush and green with minimal maintenance for up to 15 years or more. All you need to do is remove debris from its surface, brush up its fibers and hose it down regularly.

Thus, synthetic turf shortens the turn-around time of venue spaces when it comes to upkeep. It also presents a significant return on your investment after just a few years.

It is soil-free.

Synthetic turf doesn’t need soil to thrive. If you use it outdoors, it’ll cover the ground completely, which keeps the dirt from coming in contact with your guests. Mud also won’t form on its surface when it rains or in case of spills.

It drains and dries excess moisture quickly.

High-quality artificial turf in Vacaville can eliminate excess moisture efficiently, so there’s no need to postpone or reschedule outdoor events during the rainy season.

The turf doesn’t get slippery when wet as well. A quick hosing and brushing after a downpour or event are all it takes to keep the grass looking fresh and pristine.

It is sturdy and durable.

Artificial grass can withstand high foot traffic, continuous use, and heavy equipment. Sure, some areas may get matted over time, but it’s nothing a quick brushing can’t reverse.

On top of that, synthetic turf is also incredibly resistant to the elements. It can take direct sunlight, torrential downpours, flood, snow and ice without showing signs of wear and tear.

Feel free to rent out your space no matter the season!

It is pet-friendly.

If cats and dogs are allowed in your event venues, you’ll be pleased to know that artificial grass is not only pet-friendly but also pet-proof.

It’s gentle on the paws so that pets can frolic on its surface without worries. Canines and felines can use it as their bathroom without damaging the turf. Cleanup is as easy as picking up solid waste and hosing off urine.

Upgrade Your Event Spaces with Vacaville Artificial Grass

Vacaville Artificial Grass is your partner in all things synthetic turf! Let us know how you want to transform your event venues with artificial grass and consider the job done.

We use realistic synthetic turf with incredible durability and functionality to ensure the installation suitability to spaces that get a ton of foot traffic.

Aside from event venues, our top-quality products are perfect for

✓ Lawns

✓ Pet runs

✓ Pool surrounds

✓ Balconies

✓ Rooftops

✓ Patios

✓ porches

We also specialize in installing artificial grass putting greens near Vacaville, commercial playgrounds and more. Expect a fast, efficient and error-free project completion with our team of experts on the job. Call us at 408-723-4954 to learn more!