After much thought, you’ve finally chosen a deck instead of a patio. You’ve made another important choice as well— using artificial turf in Vacaville instead of real grass for your property. Now what? It’s time to explore creative design ideas to turn your dream outdoor living space into reality!

What are decks?

Not to be confused with patios, decks can be detached or connected to your house. Materials usually include pressure-treated lumber, synthetic woods, tropical hardwoods or softwoods.

Then, there’s the type of deck you want for your home such as pool deck, wraparound deck, etc. You also need to think about size, shape and even details like placement pattern of the wood.

Deck planning is a lot more involved than patios, especially when you’re planning to incorporate artificial grass in Vacaville, CA into the design. The best way – and safest for your investment – is to work with an experience synthetic turf installer for the project. By leaving most of the work to the experts, you can focus on refining the design for your brand-new deck.

Best of Both World: Artificial Turf and Deck Designs

Incorporating artificial grass into deck design is a great way to maintain continuity between the deck, your home and the rest of the backyard. Get inspired by these ideas:

  • Hot Tub Deck

    For truly indulgent deck design, consider turning it into a pool and hot tub deck. Put the house floors and the decking at the same level so that everything appears seamless. Sink the hot tub into the deck for an uncluttered look.

    Instead of using the usual wood or timber, cover the surrounding areas of the hot tub with artificial turf. It creates a serene ambiance that goes perfectly with the relaxing vibe of hot tubs. Conform the shape to the architecture of the house for a smooth transition between the two areas.

  • Deck and Patio Combo

    Still want a patio along with your deck? No problem! Reserve the deck as the main activity area and turn the patio into an ornamental element by arranging planters with shrubs, vines and small trees. For a sleek transition between the two, use artificial turf in Vacaville for both flooring surfaces.

  • Outdoor Dining on the Deck

    Decks offer an excellent view, making them fantastic for outdoor dining. To create the perfect space for socialization, begin by covering the area with synthetic turf flooring.

    Then, arrange benches, tables and chairs for seating. Don’t worry about the weight damaging artificial grass. Turf is designed to withstand high levels of pressure and foot traffic without sustaining damage.

Refresh Your Outdoor Space with Artificial Turf

Aside from decks, artificial grass can also boost the beauty and function of patios, rooftops, terraces and other outdoor living spaces. Vacaville Artificial Grass is ready to help you spruce up your home using the finest landscaping and pet artificial grass in Vacaville. Call us today at 408-723-4954 and let’s talk about your project!