Installing a putting green using artificial grass in Vacaville, CA has plenty of advantages compared to natural grass greens. For one, it requires little maintenance and saves you a lot of watering costs. Second, it mimics natural grass and is much more durable, covered by an 8-year warranty. With synthetic turf, you are also able to steer clear of concerns like aeration and seeding, which you only encounter with natural grass. Lastly, it is made of recycled plastic and doesn’t require pesticides to remain vibrant, which is good for the environment.

Having a putting green installed involves a very thorough process. In this post, we discuss in detail how you could set up a  putting green that you will love having golf games on.

Considerations for Putting Green Installation

Before laying out the turf, keep in mind the checklist below:

  • The surface around the 3′ radius line is not smooth or flat
  • The upheaval of the putting green cups
  • Tilted flags
  • Putting green cup on improper elevation to the putting green surface

Once you’ve taken note of the checklist, follow the steps below to install a putting green using artificial turf in Vacaville:

  1. Select a location.

Get an area that has a lot of sunlight.  Should your garden also have lower areas, avoid these because of the detriments of drainage.

  1. Prepare the soil and crush rock.

The next step is getting the soil ready. Remove turf from the location and take away the rocks and other debris. A crush rock base is then placed at a minimum of 100mm and then shaped with crusher dirt according to your design.

  1. Place the hole.

Cut a hole that is slightly bigger than a golf hole. When placing the hole, you have two options — WD40 lubricant or Wax Paper — allowing the exterior putting green cup to slide up and down after the concrete is poured in.

• For Wax Paper, get the putting green cup and put wax paper around the surface.
• For WD40 lubricant, get the putting green cup and spray the entire surface.

  1. Install an optional rubber underlay.

You can choose to put or not put an underlay on your turf.  The advantage of the underlay is that your green will get a smoother and better feel. In addition, the silica sand will not be bunched together.

  1. Apply silica sand to the surface.

Layer silica sand into the grass blades of the putting green turf. The sand fills up the blades and doesn’t trap them. In this manner, your green is 100% full.

  1. Install fringe grass.

Apart from the putting green, the surrounding areas also need cover. The synthetic turf on these areas, known as the fringe, should be slightly higher than those on the putting green area. Install specially crafted grass on the fringe, such as Versa Lush.

  1. Roll and flatten the green.

The putting green is then rolled for many hours. To do this, rolling and brushing techniques are done until the green is at a pro-golf level appearance.

  1. Add finishing touches.

Lastly, add the most essential parts of the green — your cup and flag. Afterward, get ready to play golf as much as you want!

Start Practicing Your Swing and Putting at Home!

To ensure that you get the putting green you want, hire an authority on artificial turf installations.  At Vacaville Artificial Grass, we specialize in many grass landscapes, including artificial grass for putting greens in Vacaville. Call us today at 707-204-3831 and see your dream golf putting green come to life!