One of the biggest draws of artificial turf in Vacaville is that it requires minimal maintenance. Compared to natural lawns, a synthetic yard needs very little attention and work. Simply brush it from time to time, rinse off stains and pick up debris to keep it in excellent shape.

If you’re used to contending with weeds in your former lawn, however, you may be wondering if they can also grow on synthetic turf. Know more about managing weeds for artificial grass!

Can weeds grow on a synthetic lawn?

Technically, yes, but far less than what grows in a natural yard. The weeds are called surface weeds, and they mostly sprout around the edges. They typically come from fallen leaves or airborne seeds that found their way onto your yard.

Since these weeds grow close to the turf surface, removing them is just a simple matter of pulling them out. You can also use a leaf blower or a synthetic brush to get rid of them.

How Artificial Grass Installers Prevent Weed Growth

Weed prevention begins on the very first days of installation. Most high-quality residential, commercial and pet artificial grass in Vacaville come with a sub-base. This includes a weed barrier as one of the layers.

Thanks to this layer, it’s incredibly difficult for weeds to grow through properly installed artificial grass. During ground preparation, installers will remove surface weeds while preparing the lawn area. They’ll follow this up with a weed killer to eliminate existing seeds and weeds in the soil.

Apart from the weed barrier, the compacted base adds another layer of prevention. Premium turf also has tight stitching, which means it lacks holes that weeds can use to grow through the grass. The chances of weeds infesting your new yard are dramatically reduced even before the turf is laid out.

3 Expert Weed Management Tips for Artificial Turf

In some cases, your synthetic yard may still be vulnerable to weeds. For instance, if the soil was previously infested with nettles, dandelions and perennial weeds, even the smallest root fragments can cause full-blown weed infestations. Despite this, it still much easier to manage weeds in turf than real grass.

No hoeing, mowing, digging or stimming like you would with a natural lawn! All it takes are three simple steps:

1. Brush your turf regularly.

Sweep your artificial lawn regularly with a broom or a power brush to remove airborne seeds and prevent them from taking root.

2. Maintain the area around your lawn.

If you have hedges, trees or plants on your synthetic lawn, maintain them regularly to bring down weed growth. Pruning and trimming your live plants reduces leaf debris that encourages weeds to grow on artificial turf in Vacaville.

3. Apply weedicides.

If you want to take more precautions, feel free to apply a pet-friendly weed killer on your artificial lawn once a year.

Simplify Lawn Care with Artificial Grass

Switch to synthetic turf and say goodbye to tedious lawn care tasks! From reducing weed growth to eliminating yard maintenance chores, synthetic grass is the key to a more fun and relaxing lawn experience.

Instead of toiling on your yard, play outdoors with the kids, run around with your dog or practice your golf skills on artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville instead! Call Vacaville Artificial Grass today at 408-723-4954 to learn more about the amazing benefits of synthetic grass.