Brown spots are more than just unsightly patches in what would otherwise be a picture-perfect lawn. They are also signs of devastating grass diseases. Preventing them involves continuous and comprehensive lawn care, which will take a significant part of your budget and schedule. Cover your yard with artificial grass in Vacaville, CA instead to get rid of brown spot risks once and for all!

How Synthetic Turf Eliminates Browns Spots for Good  

Even the most well-kept landscapes are not safe from brown spots. What causes the discoloration varies depending on the environmental conditions, purpose and composition of the turf. To prevent brown spots, live lawn owners must monitor their grass’s status and implement an upkeep routine that’s tailored specifically to its needs. You don’t need to carry out a complicated maintenance routine to keep artificial turf spotless. Here’s why:

• It doesn’t sustain lawn fungus.

Fungus is the most common cause of brown spots. Its outbreaks are typically triggered by humid and rainy weather, as well as inadequate air circulation and sunlight. The infection leaves irregular, brown patches of grass in its wake.

Synthetic turf comes with an efficient drainage system. It drains moisture immediately, leaving a dry, clean surface that lawn fungus cannot thrive on.

• It doesn’t suffer from urine burns.

Dogs love doing their business on the grass. Their urine has high nitrogen content, which is acidic enough to burn turf and leave brown spots in lawns. Synthetic grass in Vacaville does not share this weakness thanks to its artificial composition.

• It doesn’t need mowing.

Mowing is a must for natural grass landscapes. Unfortunately, if the blades of the lawnmower are not sharp enough to ensure clear cuts, they can tear the turf apart. This can leave brown spots, and eventually kill the grass. Since artificial turf doesn’t grow, you don’t need to mow it to keep it in top condition.

• It doesn’t take damage from heavy equipment and high foot traffic.

Throwing a party on the lawn doesn’t just mean trampling from a lot of people. It also means placing furniture, equipment and other items on the turf for hours. Both can damage and kill grass, leaving brown patches behind.

Artificial grass is designed to take high foot traffic and heavy equipment without sustaining wear and tear. Its blades can get bent out of shape, but it’s nothing a quick brushing can’t fix.

• It doesn’t permit thatch damage.

Thatch is a layer of organic matter that builds up around the base of grass and plants. It gathers when a lawn is not watered or mowed properly, piling up dead or decaying plant materials and the root systems. If left alone, it will cut off the turf’s water supply, which can dry up and leave brown spots on the lawn.

Artificial grass in Vacaville, CA neither needs water nor healthy soil to thrive. Hence, it’ll stay vibrant green even with a layer of fallen leaves and other plant matter on its surface.

• It doesn’t require toxic lawn care chemicals.

Gasoline, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides can burn grass and leave dead spots on natural lawns. Synthetic turf doesn’t need these toxic solutions to stay in top condition, so there’s no need to worry about chemical damage at all.

Enjoy a Pristine, Evergreen Lawn with Artificial Grass

Get premium synthetic turf supplies and solutions from Vacaville Artificial Grass! We offer top-quality artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville that come with the following advantages:

  • Realistic look and feel
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic
  • Zero dirt
  • Traffic resistance
  • Soft cushioning
  • Effective proprietary drainage

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