Having a yard means sunny afternoons in the garden, playing with your dog outside and fun outdoor parties with families and friends. For those with hay fever, a yard is anything but a great place to be. It can trigger allergy symptoms such as irritated throats, itchy eyes and sneezing fits. With the help of a synthetic grass installer in Vacaville, however, hay fever sufferers can finally enjoy their time in the yard.

Natural Grass Makes Hay Fever Go Haywire

Hay fever is also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis or pollen allergy. It’s typically triggered by grass pollen, which is released by weeds, trees and grasses to fertilize other plants. Pollen is released throughout the year, but the count is highest during summer and spring.

You may have hay fever if you experience these symptoms every time you step out on your natural lawn:

  • Runny nose and excessive mucus production
  • Itchy eyes, mouth, ears and nose
  • Red, watery and swollen eyes
  • Excessive sneezing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nasal congestion

These allergy symptoms are not just uncomfortable, but they can completely prevent you from spending time in the yard. It’s strongly recommended for those with hay fever to stay off the lawn especially during the pollen season.

Tired of missing out on all the outdoor fun? Replace your natural lawn with residential and pet artificial grass near Vacaville instead!

Combat Hay Fever with Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass tackles one of the root causes of hay fever — pollen. Turf has zero pollen count, dramatically reducing your exposure to this dreaded allergy trigger. Other benefits include:

  • No excessive mowing and cutting – these frequent yard maintenance chores release tons of grass pollen into the air
  • No weeds – weeds are another source of pollen, but they can’t survive on artificial grass

The result is a safer, more accessible lawn that limits your exposure to allergens. No more hiding inside the house when the yard is in full bloom. Feel free to join your family and friends for as much backyard bonding and relaxation as you want!

4 Fantastic Yard Activities to Try

Now that you can finally make the most of your yard, it’s time to discover just how much fun synthetic turf can be! Try these terrific activities on your lawn:

  1. Sharpen your golfing skills – the pro-level surface of artificial grass backyard putting greens in Vacaville is the ideal way to practice your chips, putts and hole-in-one-shots
  1. Teach your dog new tricks – bond with your dog under the sun with the durable, paw-friendly material of pet turf
  1. Get competitive with sports – unleash your athletic side and invite everyone for a round of volleyball, football, baseball, basketball and other favorite sports
  1. Host a BBQ party – throw the ultimate outdoor party on artificial grass without worrying about clean-up and damage to your beautiful lawn

Artificial Grass: Your Gateway to a Safer, More Beautiful Lawn

On top of relieving hay fever symptoms, artificial grass also presents a low-maintenance yet equally beautiful alternative to real lawns. As your premier synthetic grass installer in Vacaville, we can’t wait to introduce you to the many other advantages of synthetic grass. Call Vacaville Artificial Grass at 408-723-4954 to learn more about turf and request a FREE quote!