A sprawling, obstacle-laden, grass-covered golf course is every serious golfer’s dream. However, it’s not the easiest look to pull off. Growing and maintaining natural turf is a demanding, never-ending project that’s plagued with many issues beyond your control. Fortunately, most of these problems are easily solved by switching to the highest quality artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville.

5 Common Putting Green Problems

Most putting green issues are the result of the natural turf’s vulnerabilities. Once they occur, it’s difficult to stop their progression and diminish their negative impact on the whole landscape. Common golf course dilemmas include:

  1. Traffic Damage

Putting greens are constantly exposed to traffic. Miniature courses experience high foot traffic while expansive greens endure golf cart use. These can flatten the turf, which will not only compromise the landscape’s look but also affect grass growth.

  1. Poor Drainage

This is typically the product of poor elevation, inadequate grading, careless plant bed design and inefficient sub-surface seepage management. Poor drainage accumulates stagnant water which, in turn, contributes to:

    • Root rot
    • Plant death
    • Mud accumulation
    • Marshy conditions
    • Compromised building foundations
  1. Weed Growth

Weeds and natural grass go hand in hand. There are two ways to getting rid of them: find and remove them manually or use weedicides. The hands-on approach is tedious while the weed control method involves toxic solutions, which may endanger the turf’s health. You don’t need to decide on a method if you switch to the highest quality artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville.

  1. Pest Infestations

Even the most well-kept natural lawns are not safe from these pests:

    • Insects
    • Grubs
    • Voles
    • Moles
    • Groundhogs
    • Raccoons
    • Skunks
  1. Turf Diseases

Natural grass is susceptible to all types of disease, which often vary depending on the weather condition. Common issues involve mold, mildew, rusts and fungal infections.

How Artificial Grass Solves Putting Green Issues 

Unless these issues are addressed immediately, fixing them warrants either a professional intervention or a complete landscape design. Both options have the potential to drain your budget.

In addition to the costly fix, there’s also no guarantee that you won’t encounter the same problem down the line. Artificial turf offers a permanent solution to these golf course problems. Here’s how the highest quality artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville can help:

  • It is extremely durable. Synthetic turf doesn’t bend and break when exposed to heavy weights and constant traffic. Constant use may flatten its grass blades, but it’s an issue that’s easily fixed by a quick brush.
  • It covers the soil completely. This not only inhibits weed growth but also discourages pest from making homes within the course.
  • It looks fresh with minimal upkeep. Maintaining a synthetic turf is easier than growing a natural lawn. Aside from keeping it clear of debris, you just need to rinse and brush it regularly.
  • It is equipped with an efficient drainage system. The best pet-friendly artificial grass comes with a permeable drainage backing that automatically manages excess moisture. It absorbs the water and drains it into the subsoil, effectively removing the risk for stagnant water.
  • It is weather-resistant. Since it’s synthetic, artificial grass can withstand the elements without incurring damage. It won’t die when submerged in floodwater during the rainy season, just like it won’t wither when covered with snow during the winter months.

Say Goodbye to Costly Golf Course Complications

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