Want to make your natural lawn look magazine-worthy? Be prepared to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, on grass maintenance. Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself, keeping your lawn healthy and attractive costs a significant amount of money. If you’re looking for a more practical solution for your outdoor space, consider upgrading your lawn to the best artificial turf in Vacaville instead!

3 Yard Care Costs Eliminated by Artificial Grass

There are numerous expenses associated with lawn upkeep. Basics include maintenance equipment, chemicals and water. These costs may go up depending on the turf’s conditions and seasonal maintenance. Swapping out real grass for synthetic turf eliminates a lot of these expenses, including:

1. Plant and Bed Care

Keeping your plants and flowers healthy is an essential part of landscaping. To do this, you need to practice frequent plant and bed care, which includes mulching to keep the plants moist and core aeration to maintain the right amount of oxygen in the soil. They also involve pruning and trimming to keep your organics at the right height and free of dead parts.

With high-quality artificial grass in Vacaville, CA you don’t need entire plant beds just to add more greenery and color to your landscape. You can use plant boxes and flowerpots for your favorite plants. The weight won’t damage the surface of synthetic turf, letting you decorate your lawn without spending on frequent plant bed maintenance.

2. Spring and Fall Care

Spring and fall bring new challenges to yard maintenance. At the start of these two seasons, you need to clean out beds, remove dead plant material, edge the turf and fertilize the ground to keep the grass healthy.

Hiring professionals for the job can be expensive since they typically price per square foot. On the other hand, doing it yourself may be a bit more affordable, but it will still cost you money —not to mention lots of hard work and time.

Once you switch to the best artificial turf in Vacaville, you can scratch seasonal care off your budget. Synthetic grass is weather-resistant, and it will retain its lush, green looks and optimum performance all year long.

3. Mowing

Mowing is more than just a tedious, endless part of yard upkeep. Do it yourself, and you’ll have to spend on petrol as well as waste weekends to keep the grass down.

If you choose to pay professionals to do it, the price goes up depending on the layout of your yard. They might need to use small push mowers for slopes, then switch to larger mowers for level terrain. Keep in mind that experts usually charge per square foot, and you’ll have to mow your lawn up to 32 times per growing season to keep it in good shape.

Synthetic turf will stay at the perfect height and thickness as the day it was installed, which means you never have to spend a dime on mowing again!

Synthetic Turf: A Smart Investment for Every Lawn

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