Artificial turf in Vacaville has much to offer homeowners who are struggling to maintain lush, green lawns in drought-prone California. The state’s hot climate and frequent water shortages make a withered garden almost inevitable, and it’s hard enough trying to keep grass alive under ideal conditions. Not only do these make your backyard unattractive, but they can also drive up your water bill. Artificial grass provides a cost-effective solution to both issues.

How much do homeowners spend on watering their lawns?

On average, a healthy lawn needs 44,000 gallons of water every year. This is normal for yards measuring 800 square feet. For 15 years, that equals a whopping 600,000 gallons —enough for an Olympic-sized pool.

The typical American family needs 6.5 years to use up that much water. That covers most water usage, such as drinking, bathing, and cleaning the house. Imagine all of that fresh, clean water just getting absorbed by your yard.

For those who live in California and other states that frequently experience droughts, this issue becomes even more critical. Conserving water is essential during times of water shortage. On top of this, water shortage often means higher water rates. These are the reasons why lawn maintenance is known as one of the most expensive and challenging parts of homeownership for those who don’t have artificial turf in Vacaville.

The Hidden Dangers of Improperly Watering Your Lawn

On top of consuming too much water, backyards present even more water-related concerns. Hydrating grass doesn’t just involve hosing down your yard. It also entails following a schedule to avoid wasting water:

  • Experts recommend watering your lawn before 10 AM or as early as possible. The breeze minimizes evaporation and keeps the yard cooler as temperatures rise throughout the day. Watering beyond this time frame can waste this valuable resource.
  • Too busy to water in the morning? Try your best to do it during the late afternoons. Watering your yard late at night can make your yard vulnerable to disease. It can also encourage fungus growth and pest infestation.

Covering your landscape with artificial grass in Vacaville, CA solves all these problems in one go. No need to adjust your schedule around your yard or pay a huge water bill every month. Enjoy all the benefits of a live lawn without the stress.

Save Water, Save Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

You can conserve hundreds of thousands of gallons of water just by merely replacing grass with synthetic turf. Over time, artificial turf pays for itself by dramatically reducing how much you spend on your water bill. It also brings unique benefits not found in natural lawns:

✔ Never needs to be watered, mowed or cut

✔ Doesn’t require chemical fertilizers, weedicides, and pesticides

✔ Won’t invite pests

✔ Reduces allergy triggers

✔ Stays evergreen throughout the seasons

✔ Eliminates lawn diseases

✔ Reduces soil problems

✔ Requires very little maintenance

Turf also lends itself to a wide range of applications. It can be used to pad playgrounds to create a safer surface, design a more pet-friendly backyard or create the perfect garden. You can use it to spruce up decks, balconies, patios and other parts of your home. It’s also ideal for artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville.

Work with Trusted Synthetic Turf Installers

Consider switching to synthetic turf with Vacaville Artificial Grass —your wallet and the environment will thank you for it! If you’re interested in having a water-saving artificial yard or just want to learn more about artificial turf in Vacaville, don’t hesitate to call your local installers at 408-723-4954 today!