Over the years, synthetic turf surfaces have consistently provided a lush, attractive landscape to thousands of properties in the country. Now more and more property owners are discovering the advantages of switching to synthetic grass. There’s no wonder why this is the case. By choosing excellent artificial turf in Vacaville for your lawn, you get nothing but the best quality grass that is built to last for years to come.

Today’s synthetic grass is specially designed to simulate the experience of using, practicing and playing on traditional turf. Not only do you get the benefits of an artificial grass surface over natural turf; you are also getting premium value for your money!

Advantages of Excellent Artificial Turf Installation

With outstanding synthetic grass, you get the full benefits of a home landscape — aesthetic appeal, increased property value, little to no maintenance and a lot more. Are you ready to experience the artificial grass difference? Read on and be amazed at the advantages of this smart solution. Below are the main benefits high-quality artificial grass landscapes bring to your homes:

1. It mimics the look and feel of real turf.
Thanks to technological advancements, artificial turf now looks and feels like real grass, without the hassles and inconveniences. Each blade comes in different shades that are true to the colors of natural grass blades. Synthetic turf is so realistic, your pets and visitors would hardly tell the difference! At the same time, you get an eternally green landscape that natural grass lawns can only dream of matching.

2. It is lead-free.
Older versions of artificial grass were examined for having traces of lead — a bluish-gray metal that can cause danger to both humans and animals. Lead exposure is a real threat to public health as it can trigger symptoms, such as constipation, vomiting, fatigue and abdominal pain, among others.

The good news is that newer versions of artificial grass are now guaranteed 100% free of lead and other toxic materials. Made up of non-harmful polypropylene plastic, you can be sure that you’re getting safe and pet-friendly artificial grass in Vacaville, CA.

3. It has effective drainage.
High-quality artificial turf has a completely permeable drainage system composed of three layers. The first layer is composed of porous grass fabric and gravel for drainage. Underneath is the turf itself, which has permeable synthetic backing. Finally, you have the layer of infill, which anchors the turf. This system ensures that water from rain, melted ice or pet urine goes straight from the surface to the ground to prevent the grass from being slippery.

4. It is covered by a great warranty.
In-demand turf usually has high-grade warranties, which reflect the durability of the product. With up to 15 years warranty, excellent artificial turf in Vacaville is guaranteed and worth every penny. Recent versions of synthetic grass can withstand foot traffic and wear and tear, and do not suffer from discoloration.  It’s why artificial turf is the most sought-after smart solution to natural lawns.

5. It pays for itself.
From the first outlay, you’re essentially done with the turf installation. You don’t need to buy seeds, fertilizers or a mower for its maintenance. In addition, you can save big on water expenses since synthetic grass only requires occasional rinse to get rid of dirt. In only a couple of years, you will get higher returns on your investment!

Don’t Settle for Less than the Best Artificial Turf!

With technological developments and the many artificial grass options available in the market, there is no excuse to purchase substandard grass or settle for a mediocre natural lawn. Don’t be frugal with your grass choice for your property. Choose only high-quality artificial turf to make sure you get your money’s worth on your investment.

For your next residential grass installation, count on Vacaville Artificial Grass. We are your go-to installers for the highest-quality artificial grass and putting greens in Vacaville. Call us now at 408-723-4954, and let’s get your lawn project started.